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Kaisho Martial Arts is proud to announce the launch of their new website which boasts a modern design and fully integrated booking system.

Their website and updated marketing materials make it clear that Kaisho is entering a new and exciting stage of business growth and development. “The goal for our new website was to make sure that users can find the information they need easily and to give the design a modern refresh,” said Sean Connley, Founder at Kaisho Martial Arts. “An easy to navigate booking and payment system were also setup by our team.”

The story of Kaisho all began 15 years ago when its founder Sean Connley, left behind his successful career in IT, to turn his lifelong passion for martial arts into a business. Sean is dedicated to helping people of all ages gain combat skills, improve their fitness and develop their self-confidence. 

I recently had the pleasure of visiting a Little Kaisho Warriors class (for children aged 4 – 6 years old). I was impressed with how the instructors incorporated the skill development training alongside a unique sense of fun – ensuring that enjoyment levels are high throughout!

Kaisho Martial Arts runs classes for children, teenagers and adults throughout Hertfordshire. Book a free trial today at

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