Ladies kickboxing

Join us for Kaisho Ladies Kickboxing every Tuesday night, where our dedicated Black Belt instructors lead empowering classes designed to enhance your skills, boost confidence, and foster self-belief.

Rest assured, our Kickboxing syllabuses and training programs are officially approved by our governing body, COBRA, ensuring the utmost professionalism and integrity. Moreover, all our instructors are registered on the National Black Belt Register, further attesting to the high standards we maintain at Kaisho Ladies Kickboxing. Elevate your fitness journey with us in an environment tailored exclusively for women.

5 Key Benefits to LADIES 

Stress Reduction:

Engaging in ladies kickboxing provides an effective outlet for stress relief. The combination of physical activity, focused training, and the release of endorphins can help alleviate stress, promoting a more relaxed and balanced mental state.

Improved Mood:

Regular participation in kickboxing can positively impact mood by triggering the release of endorphins, the body's natural mood enhancers. This can contribute to a more positive outlook and reduced feelings of anxiety or depression.

Increased Self-Esteem:

Learning and mastering kickboxing techniques can boost self-esteem and self-confidence. As women see improvements in their physical abilities, they often gain a sense of accomplishment that carries over into other aspects of their lives.

Enhanced Cognitive Function:

Kickboxing involves coordination, focus, and strategic thinking. Regular engagement in these activities can improve cognitive function, sharpening mental skills such as concentration, memory, and problem-solving.

Holistic Fitness:

Ladies kickboxing offers a comprehensive approach to fitness, addressing both mental and physical well-being. The combination of cardiovascular exercise, strength training, and mental focus contributes to an overall sense of health and fitness.

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