We combine the Ju Jitsu with Kickboxing techniques that will provide you with comprehensive self protection martial arts. We do not practice just self-defence and we do not practice our martial arts as a sport.

We practice a combination of traditional Japanese Ju-Jitsu techniques with modern Combat Martial Arts that offers our students a unique training opportunity to learn the style of martial arts that is still used by the world’s leading Special Forces today.

As part of our training, the Martial Arts we teach has progressed from simply from Self-Defence techniques designed to fend off an assailant. It is more closely aligned with Combat Ju-Jitsu techniques that are taught for removing the threat from the opponent.

The traditional Japanese Ju-Jitsu systems classically focussed their attention on throwing, pinning, and joint-locking techniques on your opponent. Other martial arts systems rely more on striking techniques.

We do not take our training lightly. We ensure there is a code of respect and control and do not feel you can simply learn your Martial Arts over the course of a weekend, which some others may claim.

We ensure you understand the techniques but also the ethos used by the original Samurai practitioners.

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Our instructors are all official certified to the highest level