Womens Self Defence Course

We live in uncertain times, more and more we see that there are violent assault  taking place and more of these seem to be directed at ladies and young girls.  Women are being harassed in so many different aspects of life, and unfortunately it is hard for them to establish a sense of security anywhere.  Women are being harassed in everyday life from going to work , school, bars, clubs, the mall, and even their own cars they have to deal with a sense of fear.

Through our Kaisho Self-defence programme we want to empower ladies and young ladies to learn self-defence now more than ever.  This will allow you to develop confidence.  Allow you to find safety in difficult situations. 

our self defence course

only £55.00

location: harpenden

Our course has been specifically tailored for women and is designed to teach you simple but highly effective self-defence techniques to help you defend yourself in real life situations.

Our Black Belt instructors will teach you:

  • Basic striking techniques
  • How to breakaway from a range of holds and attacks
  • How to utilise distancing from potential assailants and the use of your personal space
  • How to read and understand body language in a range of real life scenarios
  • The best way to talk down the situation before it escalates
  • an understanding of the law as it applies to self-defence
  • awareness of your surroundings

The training is only given by COBRA Certified Black Belt Instructors who have a wealth of knowledge on the subject, gathered from many years teaching self-defence courses and training in combat martial arts.