Little Kaisho Warriors

Little Kaisho Warriors

Our Little Kaisho Warriors martial arts programme has been specially designed for children between 4-6 years of age. It focuses on improving Pre-school aged children’s basic motor and listening skills in a fun, friendly and motivating way.

There’ll be no shouting of orders here!

We say to all our students – Don’t be scared, Be Prepared!

Our Ju Jitsu classes will help teach your children Confidence – Respect – Self Defence. In Little Kaisho Warriors we believe these traditional values and life skills are vital components for our young students to be successful, so we have developed a unique martial arts training programme for kids that you’ll find nowhere else.

What we do

Your child will learn a variety of martial arts techniques through both example and gameplay to help support and develop their skills necessary for participation in any sport or activity.




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Kaisho's commitment to child safety and development:

In a further step away from some other clubs, we have also partnered with a Child Behavioural Psychologist to work with our Sensei’s to help them understand, observe and therefore train better our younger students. This is all part of our commitment to being the outstanding Martial Arts Academy, setting ourselves apart from others.

As a parent, peace of mind is important when your child is taking part in sport so at Little Kaisho Warriors, all our Sensei’s are:

Class timings


Little Kaisho Warriors (4-6 years old) 09.30 to 10.15

Venue: East Hyde Village Hall, Southern Rise, East Hyde, Harpenden, LU2 9QB

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