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We provide high intensity Kickboxing training sessions for Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced Levels so you can be sure your training will be tailored to the level that matches your abilities.

Our kickboxing syllabus was developed by our founder Sean Connley and draws upon his many years of experience in the martial arts. Sean is the former European, British and Welsh kickboxing champion and one of the few kickboxing elite to have held all 3 belts, so you can rest assured your training is the best.

The Origins of Kick Boxing

Kickboxing started in the US during the 1970’s when American karate practitioners became frustrated with strict controls on martial arts competitions. Eastern martial arts were still relatively new in the West and were still being taught in a very traditional manner. Sparring matches would take place under very controlled and artificial conditions. For instance, each time someone scored a point by hitting the opponent with a “proper” technique both competitors would go back to their starting positions. Also, competition sparring didn’t allow full contact kicks and punches (knockdown karate did exist but was a bit rough). The emphasis was on how a technique was performed rather than would it have hurt. So, in an attempt to bring more reality to competition, opponents were basically let loose on each other in an attempt to knock out their opponent using only punching and kicking technique.

Many questions were raised when the sport began about the high risk of injury. As a result, safety rules were improved and protective clothing was added. Competitors fight with boxing gloves, foot pads, head guards and gum shields. The sport has undergone changes and been refined during the last two decades. There are now full-contact and semi-contact versions. The full-contact version does have professional and amateur status.

Kaisho kickboxing - specialist training

For Adults Only

Kaisho Kickboxing is challenging but fun and will help you develop important life skills including:

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